How I Created Dr Sam’s Skincare


How I Created Dr Sam’s Skincare

I firmly believe that when you change your skin, you change your life - and so, when I started the Dr Sam’s brand, I set out to democratise skincare and create accessible products that deliver transformational results, just as I was doing for my patients in the clinic. 

I could see the joy and confidence this brought to my patients’ lives - and I knew it was something I wanted to share with more people. So I set about creating the brand closely based on the methodology I used to treat my patients, purposefully formulating only products that were essential, and eliminating unnecessary choice. 

It was also crucial to make the shopping experience simple, easy and fast - no having to dither over which of the 10 cleansers offered would be best for you. . That’s why I created the Routine Finder tool, so you can find your personalised routine in just five clicks, with all the tips and tricks I give to my actual patients so you get the  remarkable benefits that come from using the Dr sam System together!

Flawless Cleanser

I firmly believe that if you get cleansing wrong, it’s hard to get skincare right. It was essential for me to create a cleanser as it’s the foundation of any effective skincare routine. 

As our award-winning and topt-selling product, Flawless Cleanser is a powerful single cleanse and a truly universal product, it works particularly well for people who are still suffering from breakouts but are also concerned with premature ageing. I specifically formulated it to be suitable for someone who is breaking out on the one hand, but is perhaps experiencing more dryness and sensitivity as they age. 


Perfected Basics

I created Perfected Basics as a dynamite trio that includes Flawless Cleanser, Flawless Moisturiser and Flawless Daily Sunscreen. It’s an amazing foundation for building beautiful skin. 

Flawless Moisturiser supports barrier function with 5% niacinamide in a lovely blend of occlusives and humectants - it applies like a dream without any stickiness and it won’t clog pores. And it partners beautifully with Flawless Daily Sunscreen, our broad-spectrum SPF 50 with blemish-calming 5% niacinamide so it’s amazing for acne-prone skin. It provides hydration that lasts all day and won’t leave you dry and patchy when you’re using Actives.

Flawless Nightly Serum

I’m a retinoid aficionado so for my first active product, I had to launch my own and Flawless Nightly Serum was born. I created it for people who are time-poor and need  the least amount of steps but also want maximum impact. It’s like having four serums in one and truly does it all.

It has Granactive Retinoid which is a new-generation retinoid that is gentle but effective, as it doesn’t require conversion in the skin, unlike retinol - it’s good to go! Boosted further with azelaic acid, bakuchiol and niacinamide, it’s a powerhouse serum to clear pores, brighten, firm and smooth for a grown-up glow. If you have no time and want one step to deliver the *wow* factor then this would be it. 

Flawless Moisturiser Light

I created Flawless Moisturiser Light to give those with oily, combination skin a lighter way to achieve the same profound, deep barrier repair as my original moisturiser. With a cream-gel texture, it’s lighter on  the t-zone in particular, and boosted with ceramides to replenish without leaving skin greasy.

Flawless Lip

A lip product was essential for me as I often found that with traditional lip balms, they have to constantly be reapplied. I created Flawless Lip to rebuild your lip barrier and break the lip balm addiction cycle that so many of us have. The combination of lanolin and ceramides is a dream to soothe dry, chapped lips.

Flawless Brightly Serum

Flawless Brightly Serum was a tricky one to perfect as azelaic acid is notoriously hard to formulate with, but I was determined to make it centre stage as it’s an important ingredient in my clinical practice. Azelaic acid clears pores, smoothes skin and is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. As a powerful glow-getter, it won Harpers Bazaar Best Brightening Serum just two months after its launch. Flawless Brightly Serum, in combination with Flawless Nightly Serum is an incredible duo, working together in synergy to transform a complexion for the utmost radiance.

Flawless Gossamer Tint SPF 50

A tinted sunscreen was a must on my list. Lots of my patients love a mineral SPF because it’s kind to sensitive skin and a tint means it can double up as a base. Available in two shades (Gossamer Tint 2 is coming soon!) and also an untinted version, it’s my go-to for getting out of the door in minutes. The perfect staple for a no-makeup makeup look which leaves skin looking lucious and dewy.

Flawless Body Therapy

Most of us have a few body concerns, whether it’s blemishes on our back or keratosis pilaris, which are the very common but harmless bumps often found on the back of your arms and thighs. I wanted to create a product that was as effective as our facial serums because I feel that a grown-up glow shouldn’t stop at your face. Flawless Body Therapy is a true ‘treatment’ but has the pampering elegance of a luxury body product. Powered by lactic acid, bakuchiol and niacinamide, it brightens, firms and smooths with no stickiness or heaviness.

Flawless Revival Mask

If you’re using active ingredients, such as retinoids, Flawless Revival Mask is very handy to have in your arsenal of products. It contains a phenomenal 36% hydration and is full of humectants, occlusives and barrier repair ingredients such as 10% niacinamide. In just 10 minutes, it can completely transform your skin. If skin is really parched, leave it on overnight for a truly reviving beauty sleep. 

Flawless Neutralising Gel

Our most recent launch, Flawless Neutralising Gel was the hardest to perfect, but it was so worth the effort! Creating a targeted blemish treatment was always a fundamental part of the routine. I wanted to create an anti-blemish solution that won't dry out the skin but was powerful enough to improve the appearance of angry, swollen blemishes. Formulated with 2% salicylic acid, 5% azelaic acid and 0.5% bakuchiol, it’s incredibly effective and can be used both as an all-over treatment or on individual blemishes to blast hormonal breakouts fast.

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