Facial Serums

Serums are designed to tackle niche skin concerns with targeted treatment. These fast-absorbing, lightweight actives are a key part of your skincare routine.

We use ingredients like azelaic acid and niacinamide that work together to visibly reduce redness, clear clogged pores, and boost the performance of your skin barrier.


What is Face Serum?

The job of a face serum varies depending on which one you use – they can do anything from reducing redness to softening laughter lines and brightening dark undereye circles. That’s why the type of serum you need to use will depend on your skin type and personal skin concerns.

You can use our routine finder to discover the best Dr Sam’s products for your skin, including which serums will benefit you best.

What Does Serum Do To Your Face?

Serums are an incredibly light section of skincare, delivering beneficial ingredients to the deeper layers of your skin. While products like cleanser and face wash are important for generally cleaning your skin, serums are ideal for targeting more specific skin concerns.

When to Use Face Serum?

We have serums for both morning and evening use, giving them the best opportunities to sink into your skin.

Eventually, you’ll want to build up your serum use to daily, but you should start with a small amount every few days. Apply your serums after you’ve cleansed your face and patted your skin dry.

Check the details on each product to see how often it should be applied, and when in your routine.

How to Use Serum on Face

We always recommend applying face serums with the #13dottechnique to apply them evenly all over the face. Start with half a pump, and gradually build up to a full pump daily and/or nightly, depending on the product.

Take care not to overlap your serums. When applying your face serums, we recommend applying ‘moisturiser goggles’ to protect your undereye areas. This is as simple as applying a layer of moisturiser around the eyes and protecting your lips with lip balm.

How to Layer Face Serums?

It’s perfectly fine to use multiple face serums as part of your routine! We suggest simply waiting a few minutes between each product, so they have plenty of time to get absorbed into your skin.