Face Moisturisers

Elevate your daily glow with Dr Sam’s moisturisers, where science meets skincare for your ultimate skin health.

Using a moisturiser is essential for maintaining healthy, comfortable, and glowing skin. The type of moisturiser you choose, however, should be based on your skin type and particular concerns. If you haven’t already, use our routine finder to discover which Dr Sam’s products are best suited to you.


How Often Should I Use Moisturiser?

We usually recommend using a face moisturiser twice a day. You may have a different day and night moisturiser, or your personalised routine may advise you use the same one throughout the day. You might also find that you need to moisturise more in the winter, or as you get older. As for your body, we suggest you moisturise at least once a day, ideally after you’ve showered.

As a general rule of thumb, listen to your skin! If you feel that it needs more moisture, provide it. Or, if you want personalised advice, you can always use our routine finder for a step-by-step breakdown of what your skin needs most.

How Do I Apply Moisturiser?

After cleansing and applying serums, use 1-2 pumps of moisturiser depending on how much hydration your skin needs.

We recommend applying using the #13DotTechnique, as this creates an evenly distributed layer of moisturiser that absorbs into your face, instead of your hands.

Apply your moisturising cream to your face, eye area, and neck. Wait for it to fully absorb before moving on to the next part of your routine.

Why Should I Use Moisturiser?

Facial moisturiser should always be a staple in your skincare routine, and for good reason. It’s a short, easy step that provides many benefits, such as:

- Hydration: Our hydrating moisturisers are designed to lock in the skin’s moisture. They contain ingredients that attract and retain water, helping your skin stay hydrated, healthy, and comfortable.

- Barrier function: The skin’s outermost layer acts as a barrier, protecting you from environmental factors and irritants. A strong skincare routine, including a good moisturiser, can maintain and strengthen your skin barrier, and even repair it.

- Preventing dryness: Dry skin can be caused by multiple factors, leading to flakiness, itching, and cracks in the skin. By regularly moisturising, you can prevent and alleviate dryness, to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

- Reducing irritation: Many skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis, can be exacerbated by dry skin. If you have a skin condition, consult with a doctor before using any products directly on it, but, in many cases, they will recommend moisturisers to soothe irritated skin. If you find that sensitive skin holds you back, worry not – you can shop our products designed for sensitive skin.

- Anti-ageing: Well-hydrated skin is less prone to premature ageing, as moisturisers can minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If this is a concern of yours, you can shop anti-ageing products with Dr Sam’s.

- Makeup application: Moisturised skin makes for a better canvas for makeup, creating a smoother, consistent surface that grips the products better. With well-moisturised skin, your makeup will go on smoother and last longer throughout the day.

- Comfort: Dry, tight skin can be uncomfortable (and even painful), particularly in the colder months. Using a good moisturiser can provide easy relief for your skin.