Or just plain old chest. What do you call yours?

It’s a commonly neglected area. And yet it’s so often on show.

As I tell patients, everything should match. I encourage skincare from the face to extend down to the cleavage so that if you’re sporting a chic cami or sporty V-neck, the skin quality on your face, neck and chest looks harmonious. In today’s video I go through my go-to steps to whip everything into shape.

It’s an easy area to ‘catch the sun’ without really seeing the immediate impact. And its that small but significant exposure that accumulates over time, triggering undesirable changes like brown spots, loss of elasticity and wrinkling.

I think the approach to the chest should be exactly the same as the face - but with greater consideration for the delicacy of your barrier in this area of the body. The key thing is to focus on UVA avoidance, those pesky penetrating rays that ravage the dermis. But with a structured, gentle approach, your chest can be a thing of beauty - watch today’s video to learn more!.

Who knows. Those French words might just start sounding more applicable…