The Clinic

It is a common belief that conditions like low-grade acne or mild rosacea don’t warrant proper medical attention. As a consequence, oodles of women (and increasingly men) are spending vast quantities of money trying fruitlessly to find solutions in the busy and confusing aisles of chemists and departments stores. In the meanwhile, not being happy in one’s skin makes every day that little bit harder – more time is spent on applying make-up that conceals the problem (rather than using make-up as an optional tool of enhancement), anxiety is experienced when skin is exposed at the gym or the morning after and, generally, it feels like make-up-free days are a million miles away.

At the clinic we believe that life doesn’t have to be that hard. 

An appointment involves a thorough (and non-judgmental!) exploration of your skin issues, including a detailed analysis of your current skincare practices, lifestyle choices and goals.

A personalized skincare and make-up plan will be put together for you at the end of your visit, ensuring that you’ll leave the clinic feeling enlightened, enthusiastic and optimistic about the future health of your skin.