Welcome to Cycle 3 (which I consider week 12 and beyond ) - this is the delightful period of comfort and escalation.

If you’ve been able to follow the programme so far, you’ll be entering the golden zone and seeing the multitude of benefits from regular retinoid use.

So what now? 

I think there are 2 main things to think about. But ONLY if you’re now tolerant of your retinoid. If you need to continue at the lower intensity I talked about last week for a further 6 to 12 weeks, give yourself permission - it’s completely FINE!


So the 2 routes forward I see are as follows:

1) Increase your retinoid potency. You like what it’s doing for your skin. So it makes sense to try something stronger, if your skin is super-tolerant and you’re not having to skip days to avoid irritation. This route is also very practical, if you have no time in the morning for layering steps, and want to really make your night-time routine count.

2) Add in other Active ingredients.

So this is the route to go if you’ve got what you wanted out of your retinoid.

Especially if you now want to address other specific concerns, like pigmentation or breakouts. I’d suggest looking at the ‘space’ that’s available in your morning routine. Think about adding in actives like vitamin C and azelaic acid for pigmentation.

Or if you have acne, try adding benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

The same principles we adopted at the beginning of the Retinoid journey should be applied to the introduction of new ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin or are of a cautious nature (and I consider myself guilty as charged!)

Remember my mantra – this is a long-distance run, not a sprint. Slow and steady wins the race.


Again – I’d like to emphasise the importance of doing all of this safely. I think prescription creams should be dispensed by doctors, not the internet. They are medicines for a reason!

So there we are…these tips should hopefully build your confidence and help you get the most from this powerhouse group of ingredients. I hope you are enlightened and excited about your retinoid journey! I’ve loved sharing this with you!

Watch my full Retinoid Revelations YouTube series here.