My Ultimate “Hot Girl Summer” Body Skincare Routine!

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My Ultimate “Hot Girl Summer” Body Skincare Routine!

It’s heating up and this promises to be a very fun summer as we all rebound from two years of pandemic reclusiveness.

Fashion is full of bodycon shapes with cut-outs revealing unusual bits of flesh so the stakes are high. Are you ready??

If not, don’t fear. Today we’ll sort you out! We all want smooth, firm even-toned skin…..all the better for gilding with luminisers and self-tan for glossy limbs and a silky smooth back. So let's explore how we can borrow the best from facial skin care principles so we have our body ready for the spotlight. 

The commandments are as follows:


Cleanse the right way.

I recommend a gentle, non-foaming, unfragranced cleanser for the body, just like for the face. Remember - if you get cleansing wrong it’s hard to get skincare right!

My favourites include:

Drunk Elephant Kamili Body cleanser

Necessaire The Body Wash

Avene Xeracalm Cleansing Oil

Flawless Cleanser - just as good for the body as the face, and great at removing SPF.

Use actives like a pro 

Smooth out those bumpy areas, especislly if you suffer from keratosis pilaris (like me).

Lactic acid is a great way to tackle rough elbows, knees and heels. It also helps smooth backs of arms, thighs and buttocks

Retinol is also fantastic for smoothing and brightening, especially if breakout-prone. Some care is needed to avoid irritation.

I’m fond of Bakuchiol - the retinol doppelganger is a little easier to use as it can be used in the daytime, it isn’t unstable in UV light and it’s good for brightening and firming.

Niacinamide is barrier- boosting, good for clogged pores and brightening skin. It also helps tackle pesky breakouts gently.

Remember, it’s super-common to have blocked pores and blemishes on the trunk, especially if you have facial acne, as many as 40% will have blemishes on the body too. It also affects a large area potentially and the chest can be sensitive. By contrast, the back is more robust.

Salicylic acid, retinol, bakuchiol and niacinamide all are multi-tasking and helpful.


Hydrate like a superhero

Key ingredients for long-lasting hydration include occlusives, like shea butter, squalane and mineral oil. I also recommend barrier repair ingredients like ceramides and niacinamide, and humectants like glycerin. 


Protect and perfect 

Daily spf isn’t just for the face. We need to get into the habit of using sunscreen on UV-exposed areas like the neck, chest, arms and hands to minimise the aging impact of UVA rays. The secret is to find one you actually like using. Minimal stickiness, non-clogging and ideally, super-nourishing so you feel like you’re using your favourite body cream! Flawless Body Mineral UV SPF 50 was formulated with these key properties in mind. 

Remember the incidental UV exposure you get when you just pop out for a coffee or lunch. Or when you’re walking to an appt. Don’t get caught out. Have a fabulous textured body spf in your bag at all times. Go high factor-wise to get that maximum UVA protection. 

So if you follow these simple steps consistently you’ll end up with skin to rival J Lo’s. Effective, easy and efficient. Now you’re ready to order that crop top….!

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