Hi guys – just a short extra video this week showing you how I currently use Flawless Cleanser and Moisturiser in my winter night-time routine. As so many of you have asked, I thought I’d add on what I do after I’ve executed my Perfected Basics! 

I’m currently using my moisturiser underneath my retinoid as my skin has been on the dry side since the central heating went on full-blast. This has the dual effect of protecting my skin’s barrier and diluting the strength of my retinoid to make it December-compatible.

I allow it to absorb fully (leaving a 5 minute gap), apply some lip balm to protect my lips (love Dr Lipp Lipbalm) and then I use Obagi 0.025% tretinoin cream – I like this format best, as I feel the base is very soothing and it penetrates better than other formulas I’ve tried.

I apply it with the 13 dot technique, just like I do my moisturiser. I use no more than a pea-sized amount, which delivers a very thin layer all over, and I avoid build-up on the sides of my nose and lips and I apply up to the brow bone, not directly onto the eye area. I do use on my neck 3 times a week – always over moisturiser. I massage in vigorously and go straight to bed!

This routine involves me buffering first with moisturiser, and there’s no doubt niacinamide in the moisturiser helps me keep going with retinoids in low humidity cold weather. In summer however, I tend to apply my retinoid to cleansed skin and moisturise over the top. You have to know your skin in order to know what’s the right route for you at the right time of year. People are always asking whether they need to keep pushing, to get to highest strength of tretinoin they can. My answer has changed over the years – nowadays, I suggest you stick to the level that is comfortable when tolerance has been built up and you’re able to use it most days and you’ve reached your goals eg acne control or pore clarity. As with all prescription items, more isn’t necessarily more.