So as a girl with big pores, what are my rules for make-up?

When I think of make-up choices in any given situation, I think of it as a continuum with skincare, rather than a distinct entity. So that means it should support the goals of your skincare routine. It can be so easy to reach for a cosmetic tool for the short-term fix, but I’d urge you to give careful consideration to your practices, because with bad habits, you’re setting yourself up for a vicious cycle that leads to breakouts and dull, bumpy skin over time.

What Make-up Habits Should You Avoid If You Have Big Pores?

1) Skip longwear anything.

Longwear makeup is inherently stubborn to get off and clogging. Its occlusive nature can block off the pores quite rapidly, leading to a pattern of acne more to do with irritancy, than anything else. It’s so hard to shift, it can easily collect in pores meaning they might stretch up and remain dilated long after it's gone. It also requires more aggressive cleansing, which can lead to irritation, breakouts and an inability to tolerate Active skincare. You see the vicious cycle emerging, yes…?

2) Go fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.

Non-comedogenic is a term that refers to products that don’t contain ingredients that are likely to clog pores. Now, whilst this term is a guide, it’s the best starting point we have currently. Skipping fragrance is also worth considering in those with sensitive skin, as the response to this irritant in those with troublesome pores is often breakouts, again through irritancy.

2) Skip powder – again, in combination with skin oils, this becomes inherently clogging. If you have an attention-seeking t-zone, go for a cream base with a matte finish, if trying to minimise pores.

3) Blot instead. These are every shiny person’s skin saviour. I’m a fan of the DHC ones. Dinky and portable.

4) Keep pores in perspective. Once you’ve applied your make-up see yourself as others do, by standing at ‘conversation distance’ from the mirror. In the end what matters is the overall impression of your skin, not the fine print you see when you stare into your magnifying mirror (which should go in the bin, by the way!) So do the work - make everything so bright and glowy, and no-one will come peering in for the close-up on your nose!