All You NEED to Know About Building a Stellar MORNING Routine!

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All You NEED to Know About Building a Stellar MORNING Routine!

I’m SUPER-excited to start my series all about getting the most from our morning skincare routine. It’s the time of day when we’re often short on time, and yet we make big asks of our beauty ritual. We want it to protect and hydrate; but at the same time, we want it to calm blemishes + sensitivity and improve skin-tone + texture. A bit of a boost in radiance would be nice, too. 

So how do we go about crafting a routine that multi-tasks on so many levels? And yet, make it efficient and speedy, so we’re not spending hours waiting for product to absorb so we can get on with make-up/breakfast/getting out the door? And that also works with make-up, now you mention it?!

So in today’s video I thought I’d do a ‘big picture’ overview looking at priorities and structure.

What are our goals?

I think there are 3 main goals that help us plan which products make the cut when it comes to our morning routine.

Goal #1

Perfecting - how do we improve the quality of our skin through Activation? How do we factor problem-solving onto the equation?

Goal #2

Priming - we wear make-up so how does that fit in + how do we make it seamless? And how do we prep our skin to ensure barrier support is adequate through the day so make-up doesn’t dry out and become patchy? Or avoid skin becoming too oily from overuse of heavy products.?

Goal #3

Protection - this is the biggie as it really is the crux of our morning routine because of the role UV plays in premature ageing. Not only that, we also have to contend with visible light, pollution and the stress of daily living.

So as you can see, there’s a lot to do!!!

But then we come to the Time versus Efficacy equation. What is the optimum structure to deliver these 3 goals whilst also being a sustainable habit?


How to save time in your morning skincare routine?

The building blocks of a great morning routine include the following:

  • Cleanse

  • Make it efficient - do a single cleanse, no foam, no fragrance and non-clogging.

    Remember, there’s little to remove - just excess oil and dead skin cells, so don’t deplete skin this early on - your skin has a busy day ahead! A rinse-off gel cleanser is ideal ( it's probably why Flawless Cleanser remains our best-seller!!!)

  • Activate

  • After cleansing we want to boost our skin and problem-solve with carefully chosen Active ingredients that make sense.

    Things we can accomplish with Actives include boosting UV protection even further with antioxidant use. We can tackle uneven skin-tone - we can seek to manage pigmentation by targeting melanin concerns. Or we can tackle redness. And it’s a great time to calm breakouts using a blemish solution with anti-inflammatory properties.

    Over the next few weeks, we’ll do a deep-dive into the Active ingredients that really elevate your morning routine and how you should go about selecting them.

  • Hydrate

  • Our skin’s barrier works best when the right amount of water is locked in, keeping it flexible and resilient. What works for daytime in winter may well be different to that on a balmy summer’s day so this is one step where choosing the right product for your skin’s dynamic needs and aesthetic preference is key. But the hydrators that perform the best over the full course of your day will contain a blend of humectants, occlusives and barrier repair ingredients. Keep hydration simple with a single step - no need for multiple layers.

  • Shield against UV

  • So much to say on this step - but the key overarching principle is that you must find a sunscreen you actively like using to ensure that this step is effortless and consistent as it will make the biggest difference to your skin over time.

    Make a broad-spectrum high factor sunscreen your primer - and use the right amount. Invest a little more in this step if that’s what it takes to make a daily habit happen. We are a product of our daily habits and skin health will benefit immensely from getting this right. If you’re pigmentation-prone, look out for additional protection in the form of iron oxides as it helps block the effect of visible light on our skin.

    It’s a lot to consider. But just as the right morning ritual - whether it’s a run, journalling or daily meditation - sets you up for success, so too does the right morning skincare routine. I look forward to helping you craft the best routine over the next few weeks, so join me on the journey! #TheMorningShow

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