Acne Awareness Month couldn’t have really come at a more salient time - in fact, I’m hazarding a guess that 2018 could be Acne Awareness Year. And I’m thrilled about that. So much of my work at the practice is now devoted to trying to find solutions for acne. And you know what? I never tire of seeing the impact sorting someone’s skin out can have.

It's so easy fall into the mindset that nothing can be done when you’ve had a skin problem since puberty, especially if you’ve tried a few different topicals but not perhaps been given explicit guidance on how to use them and what products to use along side them.

I would encourage anyone with significant acne (particularly if there’s scarring involved) to try to find a sympathetic dermatologist with an interest in acne to help them structure a comprehensive routine which eliminates all guesswork, make-up included.

Remember that our pharmaceutical toolkit is constantly evolving and that newer formulations might well offer greater tolerability and cosmetic elegance than treatments you’ve previously tried.

With acne, there’s no doubt that God is in the details.

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