I always cleanse at night. No. Matter. What. I simply cannot abide the thought of waking to leftover SPF, smog from city living, dried-out foundation and smudged mascara being left on my skin. My skin is super-susceptible to getting clogged so this is an absolute must.

  1. I always protect my face from sunlight. Practicing in Sydney for a year really locked in the damage that UV could wreak on skin in terms of elasticity loss, wrinkles and pigmentation so since then I’ve been an avid slip/slap/slop gal.

  2. I always leave blemishes alone. My strategy for the odd intruder at that time fo the month – and it will be a proper spot, if I get one – is to apply BPO 2) Dermablend it 3) use distraction techniques!!!

  3. I always use a retinoid. No matter where I am, holidays, home, on a plane. The benefits are immense and my skin will almost immediately seem less glowy if I skip.

  4. I always sleep on my back. Our facial skin is susceptible to forming lines of its continuously smooshed into creases, just like your favourite silk top. So I’ve trained myself to lie in what I call the selfish starfish position, to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

  5. I always consume good fat to nourish my skin. This is the most important thing when it comes to ensuring a plump, dewy skin that serves as a robust barrier – far more important than drinking excessive amounts of water. So my daily skinfoods will always include chia seeds, walnuts, avocado and salmon.