Moisturising can be a real pain – especially in the morning when you’re in a rush. But if you’re prone to dry skin and you’re a gym goer (ergo you’re probably showering twice a day) it’s a non-negotiable unless you want to be flaky (no) and itchy (never).

So what to do? The key thing is to prioritise the right formula. One that will not only lock in water but will also help rebuild the essential hydroplipid barrier that gives skin its myriad of special powers. 

On a practical note, it must also absorb rapidly without any sticky feel. Otherwise, it just won’t happen in the morning full-stop. And because to do it right, you should be able to apply it generously, (think 20ml if you’re doing a top to toe application), it should also be affordable.

So here’s my round-up of moisturisers for the body that I keep coming back to. And as an added bonus, they won’t block pores, so I can apply them freely to potential blemish-zones, like chest, shoulders and back.

Let me know how you find them!

Cerave £12.00 340g

La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume £14.62 for 400ml (currently on offer at Boots)

Bioderma Atoderm £10.12 for 200ml (currently on offer at Boots)