Dr. Sam Bunting


Dr Sam Bunting is the founder of the DR SAM BUNTING + ASSOCIATES, 41 Harley Street clinic, and her eponymous brand, Dr Sam's. She's widely considered to be a beauty insider’s best-kept secret.

She’s passionate about making expert skincare advice more accessible and helping women understand that a visit to her office is not just for troublesome skin conditions. Through her media and TV work, as a presenter on TLC’s Extreme Beauty Disasters, Dr Sam helps demystify the beauty arena with her no-nonsense approach to skin.


Max Rodgers

Since my first appointment with Dr Sam in late 2015, my struggle against acne has improved dramatically, going from dealing with frequent spots to barely any. At each appointment, she prescribes updated, tailored treatment plans that always keep my skin clear. She has a wonderful, friendly manner and reassuring presence that helps boost confidence. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone battling with acne problems as I had been.

SJP Pink

I have seen numerous dermatologists over my time, all over the country, starting when I was four years old. I am now 44 and had problems with my skin for years. Dr Sam is the only dermatologist I have seen who has taken time to talk with me about my life and lifestyle as a whole to give me a confident diagnosis and come up with a solution that works and stays working. The problems with my skin used to rule my life and I thank my lucky stars for Dr Sam every time I look in the mirror or put on a swimsuit! A minimal yet highly targeted and effective approach to skincare, combined with a warmth and care from a person that I trust and value hugely. 5 star.

Alyse Carney

I've been seeing Dr. Sam for two years now. Her approach to acne and skincare is by far the best I've come across in my search for a dermatologist that will help me achieve clear skin. What sets Dr. Sam apart from other dermatologists I've been to is the detailed skincare plan I'm sent after an appointment. Knowing how to use the prescriptions I've been given, and what makeup I should be using has helped my skin immensely. I have always felt welcome in the clinic and trust in her approach. The price is completely worth not having to stress about bad skin. I'm also not spending copious amounts of money and time on expensive skincare products that don't work anymore. I would highly recommend Dr. Sam to anyone who is fed up with their skin.

Alex White

Coming to see Dr Sam in clinic is the best decision I ever made! She is very professional and takes the time to listen to how products have been working for you whilst taking into account your lifestyle, her recommendations are extremely personalised. Less than 12 weeks into my treatment and I can now go out without feeling the need to put a full face of make-up on to cover my acne. Dr Sam has given me confidence in my skin.

Kinza Janjua

It was the best decision I could make to see Dr Sam Bunting. I definitely feel that my skin is in safe hands and I can see a big change in my skin and confidence. She has been able to give me advice on my skin, skin care and makeup routine that genuinely works. Since my first appointment I left finally feeling hopeful about my skin and in a short amount of time I have seen so much improvement in my skin. I would highly recommend seeing Dr Sam if you are struggling with your skin, it is worth every penny especially when you are given advice and treatment plans tailor-made for you.

Jules Griffin

I have been with Dr Sam for 6 months and my skin is transformed. She knows her stuff, is a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend

Hafeeza Cashman

I am delighted with the progress my skin has made since seeing Dr Sam. I have a clear regime that’s easy to follow and I like the fact she provides guidance on makeup as well as skin products. My skin has improved radically and my friends and family have commented on how impressed they are!

Yes, there was an overhaul of my makeup bag after my first consultation but Dr Sam has given me product advice to help my skin, work with its tone and that are not too pricey. I love the fact she suggests items that available on the high street as well as the more luxurious items.

Some people may say the consultation price is steep but from my perspective it’s an investment in your skin and your confidence. I would highly recommend Dr Sam, she really understands the skin struggles that some of us have endured and she has really made a difference to me.

Muna Althani

I took both of my teenagers to Dr. Sam to treat them for acne after I visited several dermatologists, and thank god I can see from the second week of the treatment plan she put them on, their face is getting better so quick. Saying thanks to Dr. Sam is not enough.


Dr Sam Bunting changed my skin and the way I think about skincare and health. She’s professional, patient and kind. Best decision I’ve made!

Verity Lawson

Dr Sam has completely transformed my skin and my confidence. Her extensive knowledge and understanding for my situation has meant that in under a year my skin is better than ever before. She knew exactly what to do to help and has taught me so much about the right skincare and make-up for my skin. I could not recommend her highly enough. I only wish I'd gone sooner!

Hannah Atherden

Sam is an amazing dermatologist who takes an enormous amount of time and care in helping you achieve your best skin. She always makes me feel really looked after, every appointment feels personal, and my skin is currently the best it's been for years. Would recommend to anyone who has tried everything to sort out their skin & is despairing - Sam will definitely have an answer.

Nurul Amillin

Dr Sam puts you at ease right away, takes your concerns seriously, and can quickly diagnose and help treat tricky skin conditions - she is the best. Her extensive knowledge of products and specific, tailored product recommendations are also priceless. 100% recommend!

Sas Jackson

Incredible doctor. A rarity amongst dermatologists. After years of looking for a top skin specialist, I have finally found her!

Viki Kolar

I came to see Dr Bunting after years of troublesome skin. Most people wouldn't have said I had terrible skin, but the daily drama of seeing another spot appear was just getting me down. I needed to wear make-up every day and just wanted spot free skin. I was recommended Dr Bunting by a friend and have not looked back. After listening to my routine and having a look at my skin, she prescribed a much simpler routine and some light prescription creams. 9 months later my skin is pretty amazing. No spots, just smooth fresh skin. I can wear no make-up and my skin texture is great. My routine is so simple and my make-up takes no time at all and is only there to enhance rather than cover up. I never write reviews as most things don't impress me enough. This was THE exception. THE results ARE amazing and everything I wanted. Go book NOW.

Gokool Rebecca

Since the past 5 years I was suffering from a terrible skin condition. I consulted several Doctors and tried different treatments but all in vain. I decided to see Dr Sam and within the space of 5 weeks I was already seeing substantial results. I cannot thank Dr Sam enough for the miracles she has done for me. She has not only cured me from the disease, but she has given me back my confidence. I highly recommend Dr Sam.

Mary KJ

Dr Sam is a highly knowledgeable dermatologist, by far the best I ever visited. She advised me a customised skin programme that not only helped me effectively fight my acne, but also made my skin look and feel it’s best without the need of expensive products or beauty treatments, which never actually worked anyway. I highly recommend her to anyone who takes their skin seriously!

Hannah Cutler

I made the decision to see Dr Sam after suffering with acne and the associated psychological burden since my teens. I was using thick, heavy coverage to cover my skin. Sam is validating; she reminds you that acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease which warrants medical attention. Sam gets right to the core of the problem (she advised me to get tested for PCOS which came back positive), as well as providing holistic advice, not only medication but also nutrition, cleansing and the importance of daily SPF. This is impossible to get in our current NHS climate. Visiting Sam was the best decision I have ever made. It took me about 5 months for my acne to even begin to appear less ‘angry’. Since this point the pigmentation on my skin has improved and is continuing to fade. Before this 5-month time point I was reading lots on the internet of people on the same prescribed medication to me and theirs improved after 2-3 months - which can be anxiety provoking. However, perseverance really is key. I was always someone that wore a lot of make-up however now I wear a tinted moisturiser. My goal was to be able to attend a spinning class with a bare face and this is now happening. My skin is brighter, I am more mindful about nutrition and I am certainly far less confused about what skin-care to use(!). Thank you, Sam,; making my first appointment with you has changed my life.